Become a Coach

We can’t have baseball without coaches! For West City Baseball Club to grow & develop, we must support & develop coaches and we do this in conjunction with Baseball New Zealand Coaches Accreditation.

Each team needs at least 2 coaches, and it only gets easier if we have 3. To get the best out of our players, each team should have a Head Coach, Base Coach and Bench Coach. The Head/Position Coach ultimately makes the ‘best for team’ decisions, plans trainings including skill & drill sets, teaches fundamentals & rules, upskill players in all aspects of the game and writes the team roster each week. The Base Coach supports the Head Coach and also provides coaching & understanding on what needs to be done on base. The Bench Coach needs to be firm and keep the team under control in the Dug Out. They also need to ensure the team is paying attention to the batting line up, making sure the dugout is tidy and keep parents and food out of the dugout.

West City Baseball Club is 100% committed to supporting you as a Baseball Coach. We will spend time with you to learn how we can help. We are in this together!

If you are interested in volunteering as a Coach, please contact us at

Coaching Accreditation and Pathways

Baseball New Zealand  has partnered with Bracken e-Learning and USA Baseball to bring you the Baseball New Zealand Coaches Accreditation Scheme (BNZCAS). The scheme is tailored to recognise the expertise you attain at each stage on your coaching journey. These levels are:

Level 0 – Foundation

Level 1 – Fundamentals Accreditation

Level 2 – Development

Level 3 – Accelerant

Level 0 & 1 are designed specifically for those who are very new to Baseball and wish to help their child’s involvement in Baseball. Level 3 is designed for those who have shown the competence to coach and develop players at higher playing levels of Baseball in New Zealand.

All Baseball Coaches must obtain Level 0 accreditation, and dependent on which age group you wish to Coach, other Levels may also need to be obtained. For further information please click here